BCBS Prefix List P2A to P9Z (Updated 2024)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on BCBS Prefix List P2A to P9Z. A free source for navigating the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance plans. We understand the importance of filing claims accurately, thats why we’ve compiled a detailed BCBS Alpha Numeric Prefix List Ranging between these prefixes. In this Guide, you’ll find not only the alphanumeric prefixes but also the corresponding plan names and states associated with each. Our goal is to simplify the process, ensuring you can file claims with confidence, directing them to the correct addresses. Explore our list, and empower yourself with the knowledge to seamlessly navigate the complexities of healthcare claims with BCBS.

BCBS Prefix List P2A to P9Z

BCBS Alpha Numeric Prefix List From P2A to P9Z

We’ve compiled a complete BCBS Prefix list for you, ensuring you can file claims with confidence, directing them to the correct addresses. Here under is a complete list of BCBS Prefix ranging From P2A to P9Z. We have enabled a lookup filter in list so you can search a specific prefix you are looking about.

BCBS Prefix List 2024 - Alpha NumericState LookupBCBS Company
P2AOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P2BPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P2CMissouriAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Missouri
P2DMissouriAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Missouri
P2EPennsylvaniaIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania
P2FIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P2GMissouriAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Missouri
P2HOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P2ICaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
P2JKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P2KIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P2LKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P2MOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P2NKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P2OKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P2POregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P2QKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P2ROregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P2SKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P2TIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P2UKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P2VKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P2WIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P2XIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P2YKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P2ZKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P3AOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P3BPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P3CPennsylvaniaCapital Blue-Cross of Pennsylvania
P3DKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P3EPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P3FPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P3GKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P3HPennsylvaniaIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania
P3IKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P3JKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P3KKentuckyAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Kentucky
P3LAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
P3MAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
P3NGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
P3OPennsylvaniaCapital Blue-Cross of Pennsylvania
P3PTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
P3QGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
P3ROhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
P3SColoradoAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Colorado
P3TAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
P3UColoradoAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Colorado
P3VCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
P3WIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P3XIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P3YColoradoAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Colorado
P3ZAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross of Alaska
P4AMinnesotaBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Minnesota
P4BPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P4DPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P4EColoradoAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Colorado
P4FIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P4GPennsylvaniaCapital Blue-Cross of Pennsylvania
P4HVirginiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Virginia
P4I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P4JMinnesotaBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Minnesota
P4KAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
P4LCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
P4MPennsylvaniaCapital Blue-Cross of Pennsylvania
P4NNew HampshireAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New Hampshire
P4O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P4PMichiganBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Michigan
P4QMichiganBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Michigan
P4R-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P4SAlabamaBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alabama
P4TAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross of Alaska
P4U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P4VConnecticutAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Connecticut
P4WIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P4XIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P4YNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
P4ZNew HampshireAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New Hampshire
P5AIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
P5BCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
P5CIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P5DPennsylvaniaCapital Blue-Cross of Pennsylvania
P5EPennsylvaniaIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania
P5FPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P5GGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
P5HCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
P5I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P5JMinnesotaBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Minnesota
P5KMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P5LPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P5MPennsylvaniaIndependence Blue-Cross of Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania
P5NPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P5O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P5PGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
P5Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P5RMissouriAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Missouri
P5SCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
P5TTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
P5UIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P5VOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P5WIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P5XPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P5YCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
P5ZVirginiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Virginia
P6APennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P6BAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
P6CIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P6DIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P6EIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P6FGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
P6G-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P6HTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
P6I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P6J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P6KTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
P6LMinnesotaBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Minnesota
P6MPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P6NPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P6O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P6PIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P6QOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
P6RMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P6S-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P6TPennsylvaniaCapital Blue-Cross of Pennsylvania
P6UOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P6VOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P6WIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P6XMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P6Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P6ZAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross of Alaska
P7AIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P7BOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P7CIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P7DMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P7EColoradoAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Colorado
P7FMichiganBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Michigan
P7GMichiganBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Michigan
P7HOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P7I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P7JPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P7K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P7LPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P7MGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
P7NPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P7O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P7PIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P7Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P7RMissouriAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Missouri
P7SOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P7TPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
P7U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P7VMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P7WIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P7XWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
P7YCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
P7ZWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
P8AColoradoAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Colorado
P8BVirginiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Virginia
P8CIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P8D-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P8E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P8FCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
P8GCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
P8HOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P8I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P8JIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
P8KIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
P8LAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
P8MAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
P8NAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
P8O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P8PIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P8Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P8RAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
P8SOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
P8TIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P8U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P8VAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
P8WIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P8XAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
P8Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P8ZIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
P9AMissouriAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Missouri
P9BCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
P9CGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
P9DNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
P9EWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
P9FCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
P9GIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
P9H-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P9I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P9J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P9K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P9L-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P9MAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
P9NOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
P9O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P9PMinnesotaBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Minnesota
P9Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P9RMissouriAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Missouri
P9SCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
P9TNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
P9U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P9V-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P9WIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
P9XGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
P9Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
P9ZCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross


We hope this list helps you a lot for getting the information of members BCBS Plan. With this BCBS Alpha Prefix Lookup you can easily gets the members plan details. If your prefix is not present in the above list then you need to select the correct prefix from BCBS Alpha Prefix List or comment here we can reply you as soon as possible.

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