BCBS Prefix List R2A to R9Z (Updated 2024)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on BCBS Prefix List from R2A to R9Z! If you’ve ever found yourself puzzled by the array of alphanumeric prefix codes associated with your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, worry no more. The BCBS member ID prefix is a valuable resource for medical billers, healthcare providers, and patients to identify the corresponding BCBS healthcare plan. We have compiled a list detailing each prefix along with the corresponding plan names and states. As we know navigating the intricacies of insurance claims can be daunting, but with our carefully compiled information, you can now file your claims with confidence, ensuring they reach the right destination. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a seamless claims process. Let’s dive into the details, making your experience with Blue Cross Blue Shield smoother than ever.

BCBS Prefix List R2A to R9Z

BCBS Alpha Numeric Prefix List From R2A to R9Z

We’ve compiled a complete BCBS Prefix list for you, ensuring you can file claims with confidence, directing them to the correct addresses. Here under is a complete list of BCBS Prefix ranging From R2A to R9Z. We have enabled a lookup filter in list so you can search a specific prefix you are looking about.

BCBS Prefix List 2024 - Alpha NumericState LookupBCBS Company
R2APennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
R2BIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R2CAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross of Alaska
R2DIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R2EIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R2FIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R2GTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
R2HIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R2IRhode IslandBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Rhode Island
R2JOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R2KOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R2LPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
R2MNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R2NNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R2O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R2POregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R2QIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R2RNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R2SOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R2TIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R2UIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R2VGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R2WOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R2XAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross of Alaska
R2YIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R2ZOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R3AOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R3BTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
R3CVermontBlue-Cross of Vermont
R3DAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
R3EVirginiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Virginia
R3FIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3GOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R3HGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R3I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R3JTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
R3KIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3LOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R3MNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R3NMissouriAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Missouri
R3O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R3PIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3QPennsylvaniaIndependence Blue-Cross of Pennsylvania
R3ROregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R3SIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3TIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3UIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3VIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3WAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross of Alaska
R3XNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R3YIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R3ZCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
R4APennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
R4BTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
R4CTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
R4DAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross of Alaska
R4EWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
R4FIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R4GIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R4H-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R4I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R4JWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
R4KWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
R4LWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
R4MMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R4NWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
R4O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R4PIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R4Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R4RIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R4SAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
R4TIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R4UCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
R4V-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R4WIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R4XIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R4YIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R4ZIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R5AMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R5BIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5CIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5DIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5EIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5FIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5GIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5HIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5LMassachusettsBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Massachusetts
R5MGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R5NIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R5O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5PGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R5Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5R-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5S-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5TMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R5U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5VCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
R5WOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R5X-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R5Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6AOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R6B-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6CGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R6DOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R6E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6FIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R6GMassachusettsBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Massachusetts
R6HGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R6I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6LGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R6MOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R6NIllinoisBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois
R6O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6PAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
R6Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6R-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6SOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R6TOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R6U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6V-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6WOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R6X-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R6Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7AVirginiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Virginia
R7BNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R7CNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R7D-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7FOregon/Idaho/Utah/WashingtonRegence Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R7GGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R7H-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7LWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
R7MIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R7NGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R7O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7PGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R7Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7RGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R7S-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7TTexasBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Texas
R7U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7V-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7W-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7X-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R7Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8ACaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
R8BVirginiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Virginia
R8CAlaskaPremera Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Alaska
R8D-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8FVermontBlue-Cross of Vermont
R8GMaryland/District of Columbia/Northern VirginiaCarefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
R8HGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R8I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8L-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8M-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8NPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
R8O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8P-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8R-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8S-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8TCaliforniaAnthem Blue-Cross
R8U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8VPennsylvaniaHighmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania
R8W-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8X-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R8Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9AIndianaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Indiana
R9BWisconsinAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Wisconsin
R9CGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R9DNew YorkEmpire Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of New York
R9E-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9FGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R9GMassachusettsBlue-Cross Blue-Shield of Massachusetts
R9H-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9I-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9J-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9K-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9L-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9MOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R9N-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9O-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9PVermontBlue-Cross of Vermont
R9Q-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9ROhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R9S-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9TGeorgiaAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia
R9U-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9V-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9WOhioAnthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Ohio
R9X-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9Y-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned
R9Z-Prefix Unallocated/Not Assigned


We hope this list helps you a lot for getting the information of members BCBS Plan. With this BCBS Alpha Prefix Lookup you can easily gets the members plan details. If your prefix is not present in list then you can select the prefix from BCBS Alpha Prefix List. Or you can comment here & we can reply you as soon as possible.

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