CO 29 Denial Code | Reasons, Prevention, And Solutions

Navigating the complexities of medical billing can be challenging, especially when faced with denial code CO 29. In this guide, we will explore the reasons behind CO 29 denials, offer practical tips on how to avoid them, and provide effective solutions to ensure a seamless revenue cycle for healthcare providers.

CO 29 Denial Code

CO 29 Denial Code – The Time Limit for filing has expired 

CO 29 is a denial code used in medical billing to signal issues when insurance receives the claim after the given time filing limit. The Timely filing limit is a time frame of submitting a claim to insurance in a time limit. The timely filling limit of a claim starts from the claim Date of Service. Timely filling limit of different payers are different from each other the minimum timely filing limits of some payers is 90 days to file a claim, while the maximum limit is as much as 1 year.

Role of Rejections in CO-29 Denial

When you fail to file a claim to insurance within the timely filling limit of it you will receive a CO-29 denial code. So, the primary cause is typically a delay in submitting claims to the insurance company or not proper follow-up after claim submission because sometimes insurance have no claim on file that’s because of rejections or incorrect payer id or claims Mailing Address specially while filling a paper claim.

To avoid from sending incorrect claims to BCBS addresses you can navigate our page BCBS prefix lookup to find the correct claim mailing address.

If you submitted claim electronically through insurance electronic payer id, then there are less chances of late filing because claim submitted through electronically take up to 24 hours to reach to insurance. In electronic submission, the main reason of timely filing CO 29 denial is system rejections. Because clearing house will not forward the claim to insurance. You need to check the rejection reason from your system time to time to avoid the CO 29 denial.

Reason For CO 29 Denials

As we already know that claim denied with denial reason CO 29 is because insurance not received the claim within timely filing limit. This is because of serval reasons.  Mainly this occur because of a rejections. Assume you have submitted a claim electronically and clearing house checks reject the claim and due to not proper follow up in rejections this may leads a claim to a PR 29 denial.

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How to Avoid PR 29 Denial

  • Code Accuracy and Alignment:
    Ensure that the diagnosis and procedure codes align accurately, and verify that they comply with coding guidelines.
  • Check Coverage Policies:
    Verify the patient’s insurance coverage policies to confirm that the billed service is covered under their plan.
  • Thorough Documentation:
    Document the medical necessity of the service clearly in the patient’s records, providing comprehensive documentation to support the claim.

Solutions for PR 29 Denial

  • Timely Filing Appeal Letter:
    If denied incorrectly, submit a well-documented appeal that includes detailed information and claims submission proof to justifying the appeal.
  • Educate Staff:
    Train billing and coding staff to adhere to guidelines of timely filing of different payers to minimize CO 29 denials.
  • Implement Regular Audits:
    Periodically audit claims to identify and rectify coding errors, ensuring compliance with billing and coding standards.
  • Engage in Provider-Payer Communication:
    Establish open communication channels with payers to clarify the timely filling limit or coverage-related queries and resolve issues promptly.


In summary, understanding the intricacies of CO 29 denials is crucial for healthcare providers seeking a streamlined revenue cycle. By addressing timely submission and completely follow up on rejections providers can proactively mitigate the risk of CO 29 denials and ensure a more efficient medical billing process.

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