HCPCS A Codes | Complete List (Updated 2024)

Welcome to our in-depth guide on HCPCS A-Codes, a vital aspect of medical billing and coding. Specifically addresses Transportation Services, including Ambulance, as well as Medical and Surgical Supplies and DME-related supplies and accessories. Unlock a comprehensive understanding of these codes with our guide; featuring a complete list of HCPCS A-Codes along with detailed descriptions. Stay informed for accurate billing and streamlined healthcare practices.



Transportation Services Including Ambulance, Medical & Surgical Supplies

HCPCS A-CodesHCPCS A-Codes Description
A0021 Ambulance service, outside state per mile, transport (Medicaid only)
A0080 Non-emergency transportation, per mile – vehicle provided by volunteer (individual or organization), with no vested interest
A0090 Non-emergency transportation, per mile – vehicle provided by individual (family member, self, neighbor) with vested interest
A0100 Non-emergency transportation; taxi
A0110 Non-emergency transportation and bus, intra or inter state carrier
A0120 Non-emergency transportation: mini-bus, mountain area transports, or other transportation systems
A0130 Non-emergency transportation: wheelchair van
A0140 Non-emergency transportation and air travel (private or commercial) intra or inter state
A0160 Non-emergency transportation: per mile – case worker or social worker
A0170 Transportation ancillary: parking fees, tolls, other
A0180 Non-emergency transportation: ancillary: lodging-recipient
A0190 Non-emergency transportation: ancillary: meals-recipient
A0200 Non-emergency transportation: ancillary: lodging escort
A0210 Non-emergency transportation: ancillary: meals-escort
A0225 Ambulance service, neonatal transport, base rate, emergency transport, one way
A0380 Bls mileage (per mile)
A0382Bls routine disposable supplies
A0384 Bls specialized service disposable supplies; defibrillation (used by als ambulances and bls ambulances in jurisdictions where defibrillation is permitted in bls ambulances)
A0390 Als mileage (per mile)
A0392 Als specialized service disposable supplies; defibrillation (to be used only in jurisdictions where defibrillation cannot be performed in bls ambulances)
A0394 Als specialized service disposable supplies; iv drug therapy
A0396 Als specialized service disposable supplies; esophageal intubation
A0398 Als routine disposable supplies
A0420 Ambulance waiting time (als or bls), one half (1/2) hour increments
A0422 Ambulance (als or bls) oxygen and oxygen supplies, life sustaining situation
A0424 Extra ambulance attendant, ground (als or bls) or air (fixed or rotary winged); (requires medical review)
A0425 Ground mileage, per statute mile
A0426 Ambulance service, advanced life support, non-emergency transport, level 1 (als 1)
A0427 Ambulance service, advanced life support, emergency transport, level 1 (als 1 – emergency)
A0428 Ambulance service, basic life support, non-emergency transport, (bls)
A0429 Ambulance service, basic life support, emergency transport (bls-emergency)
A0430 Ambulance service, conventional air services, transport, one way (fixed wing)
A0431 Ambulance service, conventional air services, transport, one way (rotary wing)
A0432 Paramedic intercept (pi), rural area, transport furnished by a volunteer ambulance company which is prohibited by state law from billing third party payers
A0433 Advanced life support, level 2 (als 2)
A0434 Specialty care transport (sct)
A0435 Fixed wing air mileage, per statute mile
A0436 Rotary wing air mileage, per statute mile
A0888 Noncovered ambulance mileage, per mile (e
A0998 Ambulance response and treatment, no transport
A0999 Unlisted ambulance service
A2001 Innovamatrix ac, per square centimeter
A2002 Mirragen advanced wound matrix, per square centimeter
A2004 Xcellistem, 1 mg
A2005 Microlyte matrix, per square centimeter
A2006 Novosorb synpath dermal matrix, per square centimeter
A2007 Restrata, per square centimeter
A2008 Theragenesis, per square centimeter
A2009 Symphony, per square centimeter
A2010 Apis, per square centimeter
HCPCS A Codes List

What are HCPCS A-Codes?

The HCPCS A-Codes, alphanumeric codes specifically designated for Transportation Services, including Ambulance, and Medical and Surgical Supplies. Furthermore, these codes facilitate standardized communication for billing and reimbursement in the healthcare industry. Additionally, HCPCS A-Codes play a crucial role in accurately describing and categorizing services related to transportation and medical supplies, ensuring transparent and efficient billing processes.

HCPCS A-Codes: Navigating the Landscape

In medical billing processes, insurance claims, and reimbursement requests, professionals utilize these codes. Understanding the specific contexts in which these codes apply is crucial for accurate and transparent financial transactions in healthcare.

A-Codes are applied in common scenarios; including ambulance transportation for emergencies, routine medical transport, and the provision of various medical supplies during patient care.

HCPCS A-Codes encompass a wide range of medical and surgical supplies. Including bandages, dressings, complex surgical instruments, aiding in patient care and treatment across various medical scenarios.

Get Free access to our comprehensive list of HCPCS A Codes, with detailed descriptions for quick reference and accurate coding. This invaluable resource simplifies the coding process and aids in maintaining compliance.


In conclusion, mastering HCPCS A-Codes is paramount for healthcare professionals seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of medical billing and coding. Navigate our guide with confidence; furthermore, Check our complete HCPCS Codes Lookup to enhance your coding proficiency. Moreover, Empower yourself and your healthcare organization with the knowledge and precision required for efficient billing, compliance, and optimal patient care.

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