HCPCS H Codes | Complete List (Updated 2024)

Welcome to our in-depth guide on HCPCS H Codes, a vital aspect of medical billing and coding. These codes play a pivotal role in accurately reimbursing for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Services and Rehabilitative Service. In this guide, we delve into the specifics of HCPCS H Codes. Additionally we discover where these codes are applied and a list of HCPCS Codes for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Services and Rehabilitative Service with detailed descriptions for seamless navigation.



Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Services and Rehabilitative Service

HCPCS H CodesHCPCS H Codes Description
H0001 Alcohol and/or drug assessment
H0002 Behavioral health screening to determine eligibility for admission to treatment program
H0003 Alcohol and/or drug screening; laboratory analysis of specimens for presence of alcohol and/or drugs
H0004 Behavioral health counseling and therapy, per 15 minutes
H0005 Alcohol and/or drug services; group counseling by a clinician
H0006 Alcohol and/or drug services; case management
H0007 Alcohol and/or drug services; crisis intervention (outpatient)
H0008 Alcohol and/or drug services; sub-acute detoxification (hospital inpatient)
H0009 Alcohol and/or drug services; acute detoxification (hospital inpatient)
H0010 Alcohol and/or drug services; sub-acute detoxification (residential addiction program inpatient)
H0011 Alcohol and/or drug services; acute detoxification (residential addiction program inpatient)
H0012 Alcohol and/or drug services; sub-acute detoxification (residential addiction program outpatient)
H0013 Alcohol and/or drug services; acute detoxification (residential addiction program outpatient)
H0014 Alcohol and/or drug services; ambulatory detoxification
H0015 Alcohol and/or drug services; intensive outpatient (treatment program that operates at least 3 hours/day and at least 3 days/week and is based on an individualized treatment plan), including assessment, counseling; crisis intervention, and activity therapies or education
H0016 Alcohol and/or drug services; medical/somatic (medical intervention in ambulatory setting)
H0017 Behavioral health; residential (hospital residential treatment program), without room and board, per diem
H0018 Behavioral health; short-term residential (non-hospital residential treatment program), without room and board, per diem
H0019 Behavioral health; long-term residential (non-medical, non-acute care in a residential treatment program where stay is typically longer than 30 days), without room and board, per diem
H0020 Alcohol and/or drug services; methadone administration and/or service (provision of the drug by a licensed program)
H0021 Alcohol and/or drug training service (for staff and personnel not employed by providers)
H0022 Alcohol and/or drug intervention service (planned facilitation)
H0023 Behavioral health outreach service (planned approach to reach a targeted population)
H0024 Behavioral health prevention information dissemination service (one-way direct or non-direct contact with service audiences to affect knowledge and attitude)
H0025 Behavioral health prevention education service (delivery of services with target population to affect knowledge, attitude and/or behavior)
H0026 Alcohol and/or drug prevention process service, community-based (delivery of services to develop skills of impactors)
H0027 Alcohol and/or drug prevention environmental service (broad range of external activities geared toward modifying systems in order to mainstream prevention through policy and law)
H0028 Alcohol and/or drug prevention problem identification and referral service (e.g., student assistance and employee assistance programs), does not include assessment
H0029 Alcohol and/or drug prevention alternatives service (services for populations that exclude alcohol and other drug use e.g., alcohol free social events)
H0030 Behavioral health hotline service
H0031 Mental health assessment, by non-physician
H0032 Mental health service plan development by non-physician
H0033 Oral medication administration, direct observation
H0034 Medication training and support, per 15 minutes
H0035 Mental health partial hospitalization, treatment, less than 24 hours
H0036 Community psychiatric supportive treatment, face-to-face, per 15 minutes
H0037 Community psychiatric supportive treatment program, per diem
H0038 Self-help/peer services, per 15 minutes
H0039 Assertive community treatment, face-to-face, per 15 minutes
H0040 Assertive community treatment program, per diem
H0041 Foster care, child, non-therapeutic, per diem
H0042 Foster care, child, non-therapeutic, per month
H0043 Supported housing, per diem
H0044 Supported housing, per month
H0045 Respite care services, not in the home, per diem
H0046 Mental health services, not otherwise specified
H0047 Alcohol and/or other drug abuse services, not otherwise specified
H0048 Alcohol and/or other drug testing: collection and handling only, specimens other than blood
H0049 Alcohol and/or drug screening
H0050 Alcohol and/or drug services, brief intervention, per 15 minutes
H1000 Prenatal care, at-risk assessment
H1001 Prenatal care, at-risk enhanced service; antepartum management
H1002 Prenatal care, at risk enhanced service; care coordination
H1003 Prenatal care, at-risk enhanced service; education
H1004 Prenatal care, at-risk enhanced service; follow-up home visit
H1005 Prenatal care, at-risk enhanced service package (includes h1001-h1004)
H1010 Non-medical family planning education, per session
H1011 Family assessment by licensed behavioral health professional for state defined purposes
H2000 Comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation
H2001 Rehabilitation program, per 1/2 day
H2010 Comprehensive medication services, per 15 minutes
H2011 Crisis intervention service, per 15 minutes
H2012 Behavioral health day treatment, per hour
H2013 Psychiatric health facility service, per diem
H2014 Skills training and development, per 15 minutes
H2015 Comprehensive community support services, per 15 minutes
H2016 Comprehensive community support services, per diem
H2017 Psychosocial rehabilitation services, per 15 minutes
H2018 Psychosocial rehabilitation services, per diem
H2019 Therapeutic behavioral services, per 15 minutes
H2020 Therapeutic behavioral services, per diem
H2021 Community-based wrap-around services, per 15 minutes
H2022 Community-based wrap-around services, per diem
H2023 Supported employment, per 15 minutes
H2024 Supported employment, per diem
H2025 Ongoing support to maintain employment, per 15 minutes
H2026 Ongoing support to maintain employment, per diem
H2027 Psychoeducational service, per 15 minutes
H2028 Sexual offender treatment service, per 15 minutes
H2029 Sexual offender treatment service, per diem
H2030 Mental health clubhouse services, per 15 minutes
H2031 Mental health clubhouse services, per diem
H2032 Activity therapy, per 15 minutes
H2033 Multisystemic therapy for juveniles, per 15 minutes
H2034 Alcohol and/or drug abuse halfway house services, per diem
H2035 Alcohol and/or other drug treatment program, per hour
H2036 Alcohol and/or other drug treatment program, per diem
H2037 Developmental delay prevention activities, dependent child of client, per 15 minutes
H2038 Skills training and development, per diem
H2040 Coordinated specialty care, team-based, for first episode psychosis, per month
H2041 Coordinated specialty care, team-based, for first episode psychosis, per encounter

What are HCPCS H Codes?

HCPCS H codes are part of the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System, a standardized coding system used in the United States to represent healthcare procedures, supplies, and services. The H codes specifically pertain to alcohol and drug abuse treatment services and rehabilitative services.

Importance of HCPCS H Codes in Billing

Accurate coding is essential for proper reimbursement and billing in the healthcare industry. Moreover, H-codes help healthcare providers communicate effectively with payers. To ensure that services related to alcohol and drug abuse treatment are appropriately documented for reimbursement.

Categories of HCPCS H Codes

The H-Codes are divided into the following two categories.

H0001 – H0049: Alcohol and/or Drug Services

This range of codes encompasses a variety of alcohol and drug services, including assessment, counseling, and education. Providers use these codes to specify the nature of the services provided to individuals seeking assistance with alcohol and drug-related issues. Furthermore, the codes facilitate accurate communication and billing processes.

H1000 – H2005: Rehabilitation Services

This set of codes covers a broad spectrum of rehabilitative services for individuals recovering from substance abuse. These may include individual and group therapy sessions, psychoeducation, and vocational rehabilitation.

Tips for Properly Using H Codes

Follow these useful Tips for Properly Using HCPCS Codes for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Services and Rehabilitative Service.

  • Thorough Documentation

Providers should maintain detailed documentation of the services rendered, including the type and duration of treatment, to support the use of specific H codes.

Regular Updates

Additionally, stay informed about changes and updates to HCPCS codes, ensuring compliance with the latest coding standards and guidelines.

  • Code Modifiers

Use appropriate code modifiers when necessary to provide additional information about the services performed, helping to clarify and enhance the accuracy of coding.


In conclusion, mastering H Codes is paramount for healthcare professionals seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of medical billing and coding. Navigate our guide with confidence; furthermore, Check our complete HCPCS Codes Lookup to enhance your coding proficiency. Moreover, Empower yourself and your healthcare organization with the knowledge and precision required for efficient billing, compliance, and optimal patient care.

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